Karelia is one of the most well-known Russian territories in international tourism, for it has a lot of unique architectural, cultural and historical objects on Kizhi, Valaam islands and on Solovetskie Islands, situated not far from the administrative borders of Karelia and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Karelia Karelia Karelia

The historical and cultural peculiarity of Karelia, which differs it from the other regions of Russia, is made by the cultural heritage of four indigenous populations of Karelians, Finns, Russians and Vepps.

Karelia is one of the most environmentally sound regions of Russia. More than one forth of the area is covered with 27 thousands of rivers and 61 thousand of lakes – the mirrors of unique primeval Karelian forests, flaming sunsets and misty dawns.

Those who once visited Karelia come back again and again. We warmly greet all of you and welcome to Karelia!