First Cruising Ship at Pellotsaari Island

On June 1 the four-deck steam-ship Valerian Kuibyshev making its trip from St.-Petersburg to Valaam has made fast to the mooring of Pellotsari island in Lake Ladoga. 230 tourists for the first time have stepped onto the shore of the island where they were offered an to take an unguided tour on the ecological path equipped with information boards and signs, go for a ride on motor boats and wind-and-motor driven boats on Ladoga sherries, to try smoked Ladoga pike perch with berry dinks. Implementation of the of the first phase of the green mooring site project has taken only one year - from the moment the work was started to arrival of the first ship.

Many tourists consider green mooring sites a serious advantage ahen they choose the cruise. The mooring on Pellotsari island in Karelia is the third capable to receive cruise ships of all types travelling on the lakes Ladoga and Onego, however it is compared favourably to the moorings on Valaam and Kizhi for its ample opportunities for ecological tourism, recreation on a sandy beach and fishing.

Pellotsari island is one of the islands of Ladoga skerries, a picturesque archipelago of small rocky islands in the coastal part in the north of Lake Ladoga.

Pellotsari island (3õ4 km) is currently now uninhabited, once it belonged to Finland. From former times on Pellotsari remained footings of houses of Swedish, Finnish and Russian families that lived here up to the middle of the last century, an abandoned Finnish farm, utility structures, Finnish defensive constructions of Mannerheim-linja of 1941-1944, quartz stone quarries.